Matiu Dispensary

No Animal-Testing / Aotearoa Created / 100% Natural / Recyclable Materials / Vegan-Friendly / Environmentally-Friendly / Certified Organic ingredients

“He Māori au, e noho Māori nei, i toku ao Māori – Te Ao o Matiu”
“I Am Natural, Living Naturally, Within my Natural World – Matiu's world”

Kia Ora, I’m June! Becoming hapu (pregnant) and having a beautiful baby boy changed every aspect of my world. If you have had, or shared in these experiences my story may resonate with you. My life changed, and things that were normal for me to buy and consume changed with it. Knowing that I had a precious life growing inside of me, made me think twice about my environment, and what I was taking and putting into my body.

The Problem
The reality was I needed a moisturising product to use on my growing puku (belly). After searching through the aisles of the supermarket and chemist for one appropriate to my situation, I became overly concerned when I turned the bottles over to look at the ingredients. The overwhelming number of different names I had never heard of and lists of ingredients, ironically, made me realise how foreign the world of cosmetics was to me and how far away I was from any form of natural living, even though I had been buying and consuming these products most of my adult life. I decided I needed to be proactive and commit to natural living so took things into my own hands and started making my own.

The Solution
I started by sourcing organic oils from a local company. This, after much trial and error, eventually led to the creation of my first ‘Rongoā Mirimiri’ – ‘natural massage oil’. Knowing EXACTLY what I was putting onto my body filled me with a sense of accomplishment and relief. And, watching my skin respond so well to my own creation empowered my confidence, I knew I was on to something…
After the birth of Matiu, I decided I wanted something for him as well so I created a massage oil that was also safe for him, and have continued using this on him ever since. He loves a massage after every bath, it relaxes him and gives him and I a special time to connect, breathe and just be together.

Society tells you...
As a society we over deoderise our bodies. We mask our natural odour with synthetic perfumes and chemicals in fancy looking bottles because the marketing industry tells us to!
I learnt from a young age to wear spray on deodorants, to layer my skin with perfumed moisturisers and to surrender to consumerism because this was considered ‘normal’!
Over the last 20 odd years, I have bought countless amounts of chemically filled products without thinking twice about what was actually in them. It took becoming hapu (pregnant) to really consider and care for what I was putting on and into my body. I became more conscious and I honestly care now, I care for myself, for my baby, for my whānau and for you.

Let me tell you...
I want to encourage good choices when it comes to how we look after our tinana (bodies). My wahine range of products are, at the core, PRO-AGING. The sooner we realise that a cream (no matter how pretty the bottle) cannot stop wrinkles, the more fulfilling and accepting of ourselves we can be. Embrace your lines, they are your journey, they are your hard work, they mark your entitlement of respect and grace and they are yours to keep.

Come with me on a journey...
This journey has taken me back to where I come from - my Turangawaewae. The roots which connect me to this earth. It has forced me to look back and remember to use our history as a tohutouhu (guide), to remember our Tipuna (ancestors) and appreciate where they have led us to, to incorporate the new with the old, to ultimately aid in the renaissance of a natural, more holistic way of living, with Papatūānuku (our earth mama) at the forefront of our choices, our considerations and conscience. I want to restore common practices that our Tipuna (ancestors) valued and be proactive in helping to minimize my environmental footprint. Come with me, experience my products and embrace life naturally.

With nothing but love,

June – Matiu's Mama